EMS Muscle Stimulator Massager Trainer Dual Channel Output Electrical Nerve Digital Therapy Physiotherapy TENS Pain Relief Pad

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TENS stands for “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation” – a safe, non-invasive, drug free method of pain relief used by physical therapists and prescribed by doctors for over 30 years. The TENKER TENS Pain Relief System produces low-voltage pulses that when electrode pads are applied to your skin, stimulates nerve fibers to help block the pain signal to your brain. Also, it may increase natural endorphins, “the body’s feel-good chemical” –a natural pain reliever.

Compact and lightweight, this TENS unit precisely targets your pain.

Packing enough power, the unit uses low frequency electrical muscle stimulation to thoroughly massage your body. By placing the pads exactly at the site of the pain, you will get fast relief without having to digest potentially harmful or addictive prescription medicine. Meanwhile, its compact size means it’s convenient to take with you when you go to the gym, go traveling, to work or shopping etc.

Easy Operation

Whether you’re suffering pain in your knee, calf, thigh, arm, neck, elbow , shoulder, hand or any other part of your body, the TENKER portable TENS unit massager will take care of your pain.

Save Time and Money

You will never have to wait for a month for a physical therapy appointment, or get that same answer from doctors again (pills, injections etc). At a fraction of the cost, you can get a soothing massage for your chronic pain in the comfort of your own home or even while traveling or at work.

User Tips

1. The “M” button cycles through the 6 main modes, whilst the silver middle button allows choices (from 2 to 4 varieties) within that mode. In total there are 16 sub modes.

2. The “T” button allows you to set the timer from 10-60 minutes, and the “+” or “-“ buttons change the intensity of the massage. Every time you change modes, the strength resets to the minimum setting, which is useful in preventing accidentally starting with the strongest setting if you change mode.


1. Please turn off the device before you touch the pads.

2. Not suitable for pregnant women and people with hypertension.

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